Noise and beach chairs in 3ds Max

Q: “I have just started to learn max for my dissertation in the past 2 months
and so far everythin has been ok. But i am currently creating a deck chair. I have created all the wooden parts but i have no idea how i can create the material section.

I was wondering is there a tool in max that will allow me to create it so it would slope like they do.”

A: I’d be daft not to ask what kind of a dissertation!

But as for the tool, are you talking about the material that is strung
between the wooden support elements? If you say “materials” to a 3ds
person, they think materials as in the screen you get when you hit the
hot key “m”.

3ds is a surface modeler, meaning that it has no concept of thickness
or fill of an object. You give an object the appearance of being solid
by having all sides having their “normals” facing out toward the

If I had to guess, I’d say that you are wondering how to make
the mesh between the wooden supports allow light through? This can be
done in one or both ways, depending on what you want to do:
(even if I’m wrong in this assumption, this is a good thing to know)
you can make the material itself translucent/transparent, as well as
perhaps creating gaps in the material-as if woven from strips.

Think wicker, or those cheezy aluminum lawn chairs from the 60s. Anyway, you
can affect a material’s transparency with the transparency “map” for
the material in question. It is adjustable from 0-100 and will by
default affect the entire material’s transparency. This is fast, and
may suit your need even if the material is inspected closely.

If you wish to have a place for people to sit that is woven, like
wicker, then you have 2 choices: either make a mesh (box/plane) for
each strip, or cheese out and make one mesh for the entire surface and
affect the transparency with a transparency map that only makes certain
parts of the material transparent. I won’t go into how to do that until
you say that is your choice, and that your reference materials don’t
cover it.

I’m not sure how tolerant this group is regarding explaining things that may sit in a FAQ somewhere. I use vray for materials and rendering in 3ds, but I’m sure that whatever you are thinking of can be done with the stock product. Don’t get frustrated!


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