More praise for “Deconstructing the Elements”

I need help with creating a Lava material in 3ds Max version 6. I found
a tutorial on the internet but it is for the version 3 and needs a
plugin known as electric from Blur Beta. I cant use this on max 6 and
cant find it compatible for 6. I need to find a way to create Lava
Landscape effect in 3ds Max 6. Can anyone give me some ideas??????

I can’t for the life of me figure out why, but a book that has this and
many other effects for 3ds max 6 without plug-ins is actually more expensive
on Amazon than the version for 3ds max 8 (which I own).

Search for:
Deconstructing the Elements with 3ds max 6: Create natural fire, earth,
air and water without plug-ins by Pete Draper
These are excellent texts, with lots of color screen shots and
illustrations. The “Earth” chapter has tutorials for volcanic terrain,
lava, grass and dirt, grasses, frozen wastelands, mountains and
asteroids. Why that last one is under the “Earth” chapter is beyond me!
It comes with a DVD packed with all the materials used.
Website: and
Highly recommended.

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