SEU 011 Job Hunting as a Sales Engineer

We are so bloody good at promoting others and what they do, that we have a HUGE blind spot when promoting ourselves…

This lecture is loosely based on the agenda below. I just jot down the order of topics as you see, then just record.

This is how I give talks, demo software, do voice-overs, etc. This style isn’t for everyone.

  • Did they contact you?
    • Hiring company/manager
    • Hiring contractor/headhunter
    • Your network
    • 3rd party/offshore//middleman
  • Did you contact them?
    • Job keyword alerts
    • LinkedIn/network contacts
    • Targeted company
      • What is ‘targeted’
      • How targeting/hunting works
  • You are a well-kept secret, but does that serve you?

I don’t do fancy glitching, or even play annoying loud music. I’m just here to communicate what I know.

Is it right? For me, yes.

Is it the only viewpoint? No, so share!

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