Making Rebuilding Your Solution Easier in Visual Studio

I work with projects with DLLs and other files, and am constantly rebuilding (due to C# being a bit buggy) my solutions a lot. One instance of what I mean by buggy is that when Intellisense sees a problem, and you fix it, it says it is still there.

So here is how to put the “Rebuild Solution” up front:

  1. Starting off with nothing fancy in your VS:


2. Click Tools > Customize:


3. In the Customize menu, click the Commands tab:


4. Leaving the Menu bar selected at the top (feel free to put it somewhere else, but I’m lazy), scroll down and select Build, then click Add Command:


5. For some odd reason, this is how you show commands under the Build tab in the normal menu. Select Rebuild Solution and click Close:



6. Now just Close/OK the windows you opened, and you now have your handy Rebuild Solution up front!

You can re-order the tabs any way you like in the same Customize menu… In fact, where you select above determines where it will be added… Experiment!

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