Tradeshow Booth: V-Ray Glass to the Rescue!

Part of being a Sales Engineer is knowing how to display a product/service in any setting-even trade shows. The best Sales Engineers have no boundaries on their imagination, and use all their tools in ways that were not thought of previously. This is why it is important to own all your own software. If you are waiting for your next appointment (or worse yet consulting), you will get rusty fast.

In this article I discussed easy glass with V-Ray. In the article above, only one image from this project was included. Since I get so many hits to that article (where the tutorial is), I thought it might be nice to include all the renders I did for that client.

I’ll just post all the pictures here, with links to the larger versions by just clicking the thumbnails below. But first I should set this up.

The client asked for a modern trade show component (not the whole booth) that would allow prospects to play with the futuristic controls. These controls and displays are for super-yachts, so it had to look good. You’ll see the PC driving everything underneath, as these exhibits need to be designed completely, with all aspects of their operation taken into consideration.

As an aside, this type of glass (with the reflective falloff) is my absolute favorite! It effectively conveys not just futurism, but realism.

Remember: These were conceptual renders, and certainly not the final product.

As you can see, this is a really simple scene:

[2008/Oct/8|18:29:06] SDTree statistics:
[2008/Oct/8|18:29:06] Total number of faces stored: 35354
[2008/Oct/8|18:29:06] Max tree depth: 30
[2008/Oct/8|18:29:06] Average tree depth: 16.652
[2008/Oct/8|18:29:06] Number of tree nodes: 8432
[2008/Oct/8|18:29:06] Number of tree faces: 81682
[2008/Oct/8|18:29:06] Number of tree leafs: 3655
[2008/Oct/8|18:29:06] Average faces/leaf: 22.348

To be of even more assistance, I’m including the 3ds Max scene files:

kiosk1.3ds (761,609 bytes)
kiosk1.max (1,171,456 bytes)

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