Organization for Sales Engineers

So you are a Sales Engineer, and 40 hours a week doesn’t give you nearly enough time between detailed discovery calls, demo prep, demos, whiteboarding, RFPs, SOW, updating notes etc…. But wait, if you remove the time spent on entering notes into your CRM system, then SE life would be perfect….well maybe not perfect, BUT you would regain a couple hours a week.

So if this sounds interesting to you as a Sales Engineer interested in improving your organizational skills and time management skills, then you too should look into Jott. Yes, allows you to call a number and summarize your demo notes, follow-ups and or key informational just by talking out loud. Jott does the rest and transposes your message into an text and send an email… Voila…You’re done and no forgeting or rekeying in your notes into your CRM system. Jott away!!!

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