Handling Traps for Sales Engineers

So, you like to plant competitive sales traps against your competition, sure…most good Sales Engineers do! Next question….so, do you like it when your competition plants traps for you??? Most SEs HATE it when it happens, BUT great Sales Engineers love competitive traps against them….. Say that again?!? YES, great Sales Engineers luv it when the competition tries to launch a competitive trap for them…

Why you ask? Simple….Think of this sports analogy, take an NFL cornerback who’s sole responsibility is making sure that the quarterback and wide receiver don’t connect for a pass completion. So all cornerbacks try to stop this from happening, BUT great cornerbacks ANTICIPATE the quarterback’s pass (‘trap’ in the sales world), so when the pass is delivered a great cornerback is so well prepared to counter that they usually are there to pick off the pass and transition to an offensive threat in which the other team is not usually prepared for.

So ensure you work on your responses to common traps, so that you are prepared to transition from a defensive position with confidence, your prospect will appreciate your knowledge and increase your trust advisor status with them. So, use competitive trap defense in conjunction with offensive trap positioning, and your conversion rate will increase…Guaranteed!

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