Keeping the Home Office Efficient!

Sales Engineers almost always telecommute.

This makes our work environment extremely important to us. Ideas to make your workspace more efficient include:

Go wireless! The ability to duck out of the office and work elsewhere provides a welcome change of pace to fight monotony!
Invest in filing cabinets. Vertical storage that is organized and labeled is invaluable. If you have piles on the floor, it is time to create a stress-free, clean office!
Design your office with diversions! Keep your prime working position configured to be able to see a large TV and sound system. It is astonishing how much information you can absorb in this fashion, and the day just flies past! (Just don’t lose the remotes!)
Clearly divide the office. Make carpet/flooring, paint, furniture and lighting completely separate from other rooms-even if the adjoin with no walls. This helps you, and others, keep non-work stuff out of the office. Clutter = stress!
Use stress-reducing lighting. Use table top lighting with daylight (~5000K) lighting instead of overhead lighting as your default. With shutters drawn this reduces distractions, and keeps the mind focused on things lit-thus reducing distraction.
Have an IN and OUT box. Reduce piles associated with paperwork and files going into and out of the office. Mixing such paperwork makes finding something in easier almost impossible.
Nowhere to hide! Use glass furniture to reduce the urge to make piles on the floor. Opaque surfaces make this habit easier to hide. The side benefit is that your space will actually feel larger, promoting calm concentration.

What are your best suggestions?

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