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Hello All, i am john writting on along with my friend 3d man
we have a question or would love anybodys option on the topic of

We are wanting to do the highest quality rendering using mental ray
we have tried and few things but we are not getting the results we
have hoped. We havea total of 8 systems which we are wanting to set up
for network rendering. Our questions are do we need to have our PC
systems with all the same hardware and software configurations or can
we set up network rendering with systems which each have different

If anybody has any exprience or even some opinions on this topic
we would be so happy to hear back. I also hope that this can help
others who may want or attempt to do the same thing.

There are 2 books specifically about mental ray here:……

The problem is that you threw out some pretty subjective requirements:

“Ultimate Rendering”
“Highest Quality Rendering”
“..not getting the results we have hoped.”

You probably won’t get too many people volunteering any help until you
clear up what it will take to make you happy.

As for NR/DR (net render or distributed render), you should know that
you are limited to backburner with 3ds, and that means net render.
This may not be what you want. Net render assigns an entire image/
frame (they’re all frames to 3ds) to a single box. It “deals” out the
frames as soon as a box in the subset of the farm you’ve assigned to
the job becomes available.

So you won’t see any speed improvement when doing a single frame. In
fact, the job may well go to the slowest box in the farm. For DR (more
than one box can work on a single frame), you need a custom renderer,
like V-Ray (what I use), or an appliance designed to DR behind the

As a guideline, you need the same software on all your farm’s nodes.
They also need access (locally or network) to all the files required
by the job, (and here’s the important part) and called/located in the
same place. If you share your maps/materials/scripts/plugins from
drive V: on the master node, that drive, and those files, need to be
accessible from each node via that same drive letter and path. Also
see: this page.

So can you shed any light on what your requirements are? Be sure to
include your financial requirements, because if you really want the
“Ultimate Rendering Setup”, then price must not be an object!

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