Soft Selection in 3ds Max

A post from where a user wanted to know about soft selections in 3ds Max 8

I think you said you have the 3ds max bible? Take a look at page 314
for a step-by-step tutorial as good as any I’d write. While that
tutorial is for a plane, you can apply a soft modifier to just about
anything that a normal modifier can be applied to.
For a coat hook as you described, it might actually be a lot
faster/easier to do it with a spline. But as your question was about
soft selection… With soft selection you’d be able to make the turns,
etc. but with “softer” turns, like a real hook _might_ have.
OK, I can’t resist a small tut:
1. In any window, make a cylinder.
2. Go to modify, and make it .1″ radius, and 3′ length.
3. Make Height Segments 10.
4. The Sides don’t matter that much, as long as they are over 8 or so.
This depends on how closely it will be inspected, of course.
5. Right click and convert to editable mesh/poly.
6. Go to vertex selection mode.
7. Under Soft Selection, select “Use Soft Selection”.
8. Change Falloff to 1’6″ (1/2 the length).
9. Select a vertex on one of the ends. Notice how the colors of the
vertices change from red (most affected) to blue (least affected).
10. Move the vertex around with move and rotate controls to see the
11. Select different points along the cylinder to see how they are
affected as well.
Some things are easier with the “Bend” and/or “Twist” modifiers. Try making a box primitive and messing with it using the “Bend” modifier.

Note: By default there are just a few segments to the box. In order to see the
bending easily, add some segments to some of the dimensions to see the
effects easier.

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