XMind wins out over Freemind

After using Freemind for several years, I have been convinced to use XMind. A very interesting set of options is now available to me, but I am moving from freeware to open source, and yes, there is a difference. Anyway, we’re talking about something called “Mind Mapping”:

If you have never used brainstorming-style software, you really should> I like it to organize a set of ideas, or system components, into an ordered, hierarchical graph, or representation. If you have never used such software, you might not even have experience thinking like this.

I also use it to break down classes and their subordinate classes so developers know exactly how to create an EDM, for example. I can go all the way down to class methods & attributes and still not clutter up the diagram. That is because each stem/branch can be collapsed or expanded.

I’m glad already I made the switch, and by the way; XMind imports Freemind files!

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