At Least Online Marketing Seems to Be Doing Well…

Is it just me? I’ve just gone to over a dozen Sales Engineer job postings/reqs, and every single one of them is for a company in online marketing. From startups at VentureLoop to [x+1], business is obviously good.

The problem is, that morally they are virtually all making the Internet, and by extension the world, worse. From privacy concerns about tracking and location to out and out malware/virii in 1 pixel hits and banners, they are the bottom of the barrel for those with a conscience. They are constantly in court over their practices, and their motto is “It is easier to get forgiveness (lawsuits), then permission (which they would never get)”.

If you are willing to look past all of that, and you have so few scruples, or are just plain desperate for a job, then this is a good time to be you. As for me, I’ve built a solid reputation over the past decade, and in countless ways I’ve made the world a better place. I’ll wait for the right employer; One that stands for making life easier/better for people.

After all, I have to sleep at night.

Do you? Can you?

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