Sales Engineer Interview Questions

Looking for sales engineer interview questions to help you prep for an interview? Well, here are somes of the ones that I like to use for SE candidates.

-Describe your biggest opportunity that you ever worked on that closed? What was your role and how did you positively impact the decision?
-Describe your biggest opportunity that you have lost to the competition? What would have you done differently (if anything) during the sales cycle?
-Describe your pre-qualification checklist that you ask your sales rep for prior to demo’ing?
-Describe how Sales Engineers get engaged from a process standpoint at your organization?
-Describe an opportunity that you won which required you to quarterback and orchestrate resources from many cross-departmental groups to help progress a deal to closed status?
-Describe your greatest competitive win

Now, after screening and interviewing a candidate for product/industry knowledge and fit, I ALWAYS have them come in person and do a demo to me in role play as a prospect. I have them present something that they are comfortable demo’ing. This a where you see exactly how much value props and traps they inject into their presentation, not to mention how effectively they are able to handle objections. Look over for my next update of useful Sales Engineer interview questions.

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