When is it time to give up and consult?

I will never remember where I heard someone say “If there are no job reqs that match what you do, it is time to consult.”, but I think I’m there. I’ve had a consultancy for 12 years that has served primarily between engagements, allowing me to 1099 my past employers who still need my services.
Right now as a W2, I rely on others for my success. Of my many faults, one of the most baffling to me is my lack of marketing skills. I help dozens of people network and improve their skills every year. I help them find the work they need, and promote/sell themselves. I find it easy to help people. I can see things-trends, patterns-they can’t.  I’m the person that looks over the player’s shoulders and sees the triple jump.
The problem gets worse with (my) age. In a W2 role, I am an expense. People can be gotten right out of college for 1/3 what I make now, and are easily molded. I’m seriously considering saving up enough money in order to be completely performance compensated.

That is, I receive, say 1% of the gross of any deals I work on that close. I think a VP of Sales/COO/CEO would be much more likely to hire me under than premise. I’d have to think about how to bill out expenses, but I think this is the right approach.
So why can’t I pick up a phone and cold call? Why can’t I be my own mentor? I make a living helping people sell better and become better sales professionals. I’m helpless, apparently, at being one of those I help. If I could acquire my own clients, I would never need to W2 or rely on instability for income. I’d be interested in hearing from anyone who has made the transition.
My powers seem to be strictly one-way. I can only help other people, and not myself. I think this means my professional network is now more valuable than ever to my success.

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