What is a Sales Engineer?

The Sales Engineer
One of the things we do is Sales Engineering. The following is a write-up of what this title actually means (from The Sales Engineer):
Often confused as Solutions Engineers, Systems Engineers, Technical Account Managers, and several other awkward titles, the Sales Engineer is part all of these titles and more.
The Sales Engineer is actually comprised of 3 even parts of:
Sales: Help the AM qualify opportunities, present company information, and present proposed solutions. Research opportunities and prospects, becoming an expert in what they do, as compared to being an expert at what we do. Typically crafts all customer facing agreements, or at a minimum approves them prior to distribution.
Engineering/Services: Must be on a par with the most technical customer/prospect resources. Able to guide their resources, vendor resources and our consultants/engineers in the execution of an engagement. Must be expert in trends as well as our products and roadmap. Typically on all product weekly status calls with Engineering. Design and create POCs, pilots and prototypes on/with anything they throw at you.
Marketing: Create materials for events, opportunities and websites. Expert in word processing, spreadsheets, all graphics utilities, animation and rendering. Staff and train for industry events such as speaking opportunities and trade show booths. Able to design a booth, all materials, then staff to ensure a success.
You are usually on commission as a roll-up of the reps’ numbers you support, or at least bonus driven based on sales goals. You typically write in at least 5 programming languages fluently, but own more suits than any of your friends. You’re also a frequent flyer on at least 6 airlines and have a stack of hotel “rewards” cards-all gold or platinum.
If this sounds like you, you’re a Sales Engineer (or you should be)!

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  1. I recently created the wikipedia entry for Sales Engineer here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sales_Engineer

    I am still astonished at how the title of Sales Engineer is being used to promote roles that are as far away from the role of a Sales engineer as possible.

    People… PLEASE stop doing this!


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