Easing Animations in 3ds Max

When I animate something, why does the animation accelerate at the
beginning? How can I make the animation go the same speed all of the

When you animate something in 3ds, and in most all others, you create
keyframes. How you transition into/out of these keyframes is what you
need to adjust. In 3ds, the default is to “ease out” and “ease in” to
these keyframes. That is, just as you’ve seen, the transitions are
gradually brought on, and gradually left.
The short answer (and there are at least 2 long answers I can think of):
1. Before you animate, change the keyframe easing for 3ds with the
button/icon just to the right of the “set key” button in the animation
toolbar. When you click you mouse on it, you’ll see a bunch of
choices, and after you play with them you’ll see how they each work.
2. The one you want it what I’d call a “linear” easing (I’d call the
default a quad). It is the straight line.
3. Animate like you normally would.
For noise, this is all you’ll need. But for more complex animations
where objects are moving in multiple dimensions, and you want to make
the easing different for each axis, well.. we’ll leave that for
another day!

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