Noodler’s Bad Heron Blue (stinky!) in a Monteverde Artista Crystal (blue), a closer look at Private Reserve Sepia, Private Reserve Vampire Red in a cheapie Chinese FP, Noodler’s Red Rattler, Noodler’s Burgundy in a LAMY Vista, Schaeffer Scripp Black in…

Not really amazing, but by request I show off my Esties and fill one up with ink. Still looking for nibs for my chain pen, so let me know if you want to sell/trade!

Note: I say "Uh" too many times when I just wing it, and even I don’t like it when I hear others do it. If I’m not too excited, and slow down, I can catch myself and not say it, but it’s hard to do and still concentrate on the subject matter. So yes, I know I do it. Yes, I, too, find it annoying, and no: I will not do ‘voice over’ videos… I’ve found in comments people are truly thankful for ‘live’ ones, and that they hate the ‘post production’ ones. It’s just my style, and considering the fee for watching, it isn’t too bad a flaw. If you have _positive_, _constructive_ comments, I’m all ears, but keep the personal attacks for those you pay to see… :)