Inside Based Software Sales Engineers

If you are an inside software Sales Engineer, and are looking to get an edge over your competition, below are 2 quick tips to outsmart your competition’s SEs.

Firstly, since inside Sales Engineers lose the benefit of seeing their prospects reactions, it is EXTREMELY important, to make use of frequent Named Open ProbesWhat do I mean?? Hopefully this sounds familar, “John, tell me more if you feel that Feature X that I have just demonstrated does not address your business requirement Y…” This keeps your prospect engaged, attentive, and does not allow them to mentally go to ‘another place’ during your demo.

Secondly, you must be able to effectively utilize a variety of Web Based Tools for capturing screenshots, mapping out process flows/systems architecture, communicating with your sales team real time, whiteboarding etc…Check out my Tools Category on this blog for more info… Without the use of these tools, your competition will already be a step ahead of you…

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