Cokin P Series filters

I’ve just unpacked a wonderful bundle from B&H: A complete Cokin filter rig!

My Canon 40D has 2 lenses right now, and they’re both 72mm threads. One is a Canon 50mm f/1.2, and the other is a Canon 28-135mm telephoto zoom. I have a few round filters, but I had a real interest in the flexibility of the slide filters.

I used the P Series because my lense threads are 72mm. I have to tell you, I was suspicious about how cheal the Cokin system was, and how cheap (affordable?) the filters are. I even had a photo buff friend say that drop in filters were passe, and on their way out. Well, when the set came in, I was pleasantly blown away with the whole thing.

Firstly, there is a small collar that threads onto your outer lens, and is a specific thread size for your lens, and a consistent size on the other (P Series).

That collar has a clip that holds up to 3 filters simultaneously. The holder just snaps on!

That holder takes flexible plastic filters that can be used together. In addition, the holder rotates! In the included pictures (link below) you can even see the P Series lens cover. It covers the lens (not as good as the Caonon OEM does, of course) when the 72mm (or any size) adapter is screwed in. This means you don’t have to unthread the adapter to put the camera down for a short period.

You can see the small variety of filters I got, and how I applied labels to the filters to easily see them. Each filter comes in a really slick holder that prevents the filter from touching the edges and rubbing. The graduated filters are a little bigger that the consistent colored filters, allowing for the adjustment of the transition zone.

I also got the fabric holder, but the graduated filters barely fit, and the filters come on contact with the sides of the drawers. Good idea, but impractical in.. well, practice.

For all the pictures, see here!

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