National Biosurveillance working toward a FOC…

from: Forestalling the Coming Pandemic: Infectious Disease Surveillance Overseas

We are expanding NODS capabilities to automate the development and dissemination of reports. Our NBIC reports, to be distributed through the NOC-COP fall into three categories: real-time notifications, daily and weekly reports and situational reports. Notifications are short, factual summaries developed immediately following significant or newsworthy “bio-events.” Daily and weekly reports, highlight events of potential significance. Situation reports provide daily updates of ongoing domestic or international “bio-events.” Additionally, we have instituted a Pilot Biosurveillance Common Operating Picture (BCOP) that incorporates weekly Avian Influenza updates.

The Testimony of Dr. Kimothy Smith, Acting Director of the National Biosurveillance Integration Center before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, Subcommittee on Oversight of Governmental Management, the Federal Workforce, and the District of Columbia mentions yet another piece of the event-driven puzzle whereby miltary systems like Magic Lantern and ECHELON.

What is interesting about this 10/4/2007 news release is that it talks about how the NBIC in terms of how it is a complete system of TIA, or systems of systems, as well as a combination of SMEs and systems:

  • A robust information management system capable of handling large quantities of structured and unstructured information;
  • A corps of highly-trained subject matter experts and analysts; and
  • A clear establishment of a culture of cooperation, trust and mutual support across the Federal government and other partners.

There exists tremendous opportunity for those able to capitalize on emabling the governmnet’s mandate for a COP (Common Operating Picture). And all this time I thought it was TIA (Total Idiot Awareness) that was the most important!

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