The Sales Engineer

The Joseph Gillott Super Fine 1160 is the best fine tipped pen I’ve written with. Note, I said "written" with, and not "drawn" with. Comic nibs like the famous Zebra are the kings of drawing, but with writing we need smoothness on the down _and_ up-strokes.

Basically, you have to try this nib! I have come across great fortune by having a full gross (144) of them!

I forgot to actually do a video about writing when I made Part 1! The first one just got around to talking about opening & closing, and the way to hold & write with it.

This ended up being a little long (26 minutes), so I apologize in advance for that. Also, the webcam I used plays back MUCH faster than the nice main HD camera. So I can’t play them both back at the same time. Annoying enough when they both start at the same time (small one finishes early), it seems to be better when the little video ends at the same time (starts after main video does).

I don’t have any tools to ‘stretch’ the video out to the correct duration, probably by altering the frame rate, I’d imagine… I’m open for suggestions!

Thanks again!