It Could Be Worse

Just how bad can the Sales Engineer’s condition get?  We ran into a company whose SEs have no incentive plan.  “They’re getting paid to support sales, so why should I bonus them?”  Sigh.

This is in stark contrast to those rare companies that empower SEs to take their own initiative to drive revenue, reduce cost of sales, and cleanse funnels.  We’ve seen ratios of SEs to sales reps of 2:1 and even 3:1 because these companies have learned that SEs can drive more revenue than sales reps.  And to be sure, those SEs are making tons of money.  “Our sales reps are getting paid to take orders, so why…”

On a personal note, that US Airways pilot and crew who crash landed in the Hudson River and saved 150 lives are true heroes in our midst.  God bless them.

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