[Poor] Traffic Psychology

This has been a long time coming. As a Sales Engineer, I spend a LOT of time on the road. I can’t even estimate how many hundred thousand miles I’ve driven. I’ve been a passenger in every kind of vehicle, too. After a while, if you keep your eyes open, you start to see patterns.

There are habits that I have seen all over the world in drivers. Habits that drive me insane, that is. There are a few scenarios that I have seen over and over again, and I am convinced that drivers are not aware that they are doing them.

  1. Passing – A driver is going very, very slow in the passing lane, and is holing up cars behind them. Once they decide to move to the passing lane, they floor it! They do this for about 10 seconds, so to prevent them from coming back into the passing lane you need to catch up to them-sometimes going faster than you wanted to.

    Bad drivers out there: If you move to the travel lane from the passing lane, please don’t speed up to the speed we all wanted you to go in the first place. If we let you. you’ll just move back to the passing lane and slow down again.

  2. Moving Over – You see a driver in a hurry, in the passing lane, and they are right on your tail. You pull over to the travel lane, and what do they do? Pull next to you and slow down-cutting you off by boxing you in with the car in front of you.

    Bad drivers out there: If you’re wondering why I don’t pull over, now you know.

  3. Lazy at the Light – This one is inexcusable. Lazy drivers will sit at the front of the line at a light and not look at the light. They don’t need to because they will see the car next to them move when the light changes. What makes this worse? When both cars are being lazy! We all sit behind them, looking at the green light wondering when they will come back to reality.

    Bad drivers out there: If you are sitting at the light, keep it in your view-and look at it.

  4. Anxious at the Light – You see a driver at the front of the line at a light, and they are inching forward. They are visibly awaiting the green light with tremendous anticipation. They creep ahead, inch by inch, and when the light changes, what do they do? Nothing. They have drifted off to find that CD case or fix their hair. The light is green! Hello!

    Bad drivers out there: If you are in such a big hurry to get through the light, please don’t start preening, or dozing, right when the light you’ve been so eagerly waiting for finally changes!

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