Making a good camera bag GREAT!

Hey LowePro! Want to make your SlingShot 300 AW a complete bag? How about adding a tripod mount? I did!

The ultimate sling bag!

Pretty cool, eh? Don’t bother looking for it, I’ve got the only one! Want to see how to make your own? Of course you do!

You’ll need about $8 and 3 hours. You need a little strap, which goes for about $0.25/foot, and 4 nylon strap buckles. Get a wide strap to not only allow for a bigger area to sew with, but also make for a bigger support for your gear and a lot less risk of tearing due to a wider area to distribute the weight.

I used these because I attach a variety of things to this bag when I fly, and they each need a different placement for the buckles so they aren’t in the way. If you make one of these with a fixed buckle, you are stuck with the position! Trust me, you will regret doing so! Do as I did, and you get these results:

View #2

That tripod is 8 pounds, and the RC2 head is about 1.5 pounds more! With the current 50 pound limit per bag, I like taking the really expensive gear with me in the cabin. Last week flying out to Denver the TSA trashed my Dell Lattitude 630 because they were pissed about having to take it out of my checked bag to X-Ray it. TSA BASTARDS! So I speak from experience when I say that taking the $$$ stuff n the cabing is a Good(TM) idea. That tripod & head? $400. Shout with me: “No Way TSA! NO WAY TSA!!“.

Feel brave? You’ll need to be. Let me show you what it takes to give this bag a makeover!

The top strap is a dream compared to the bottom one. Here is a close-up of the interior of the top compartment:

Top compartment

I used heavy duty polyester thread and a heavy needle, so I could get through the padding. The problem with the lower strap is that you have to go through padding and a layer of hard platic (impossible, trust me), unless you take it out:

Once you take it out of the side through an incredibly small slot, you see why you can’t sew through it:

Once you do, you can access it by hand. No machine could do this:

Now just seal it up:

Oh, and because it is completely adjustable, it can fit my kick-ass Manfrotto monopod:

For all the pics in high resolution, click HERE!

P.S. Bag manufacturers: Why can’t you guys make the perfect bag?

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