Cron Best Practices

A fast one for everyone. If you have occasion to use POSIX based systems like Linux, UNIX, and yes, even Macintosh, then you will end up using cron eventually to […]

Many Sales Engineers feel that their responsibility is to only cover off the functional/technical requirements for a prospect’s solution. True, but the buck does not stop here, it is important for Sales Engineers to also work on their sales skillset a…

Hello blog. Yes, it’s been awhile. Activity has been picking up lately. Among lots of other things, I presented at the MIT Sloan Sales Conference — How to Leverage SEs to Drive Business.
It strikes me as I talk to people at the conference and to our clients, that smart companies are investing now in their […]

Many Sales Engineers believe references are the responsibility of the sales rep, so having a variety of reference stories is considering overkill by many sales engineers… I disagree, it is extremely important to be able to tell a RELEVANT reference …