Manufacturing operations have it right. If you don’t build quality into a product, people won’t buy it. Toward this end, manufacturing divisions boast of compliance with ISO 900x quality standards and six-sigma quality initiatives. The improvements in operational quality have direct and measured impact on the bottom line.
So why don’t sales operations […]

We Are What We Sell... Aren't We?

If you want to know what a company sells, ask to see their comp plan. If your sales managers are compensated to sell a product/service that the one they are […]

It used to be, years back, that a certification meant that you were knowledgeable. Problem was, it really only meant that you were able to pass the kind of test […]

I don’t know why, but the Enum class’ usefulness has always eluded me. Early attempts just didn’t work out, and I just found ways around using it. Recently, I am […]

Most Sales Engineers are great at demoing, but the execution of effective discovery sessions is an area that Sales Engineers should ensure they are always fine tuning…The equation is simple the more that you know up front that you are able to collect…